About Roger Bray Restoration

Roger Bray Restorations is a small business specialising in supplying parts and the restoration of classic Porsche’s 356, 911, 912, & 914.

We have been around classic Porsche cars since 1985 and have a large amount of knowledge from dealing and working on these cars daily.

Our parts department is made up of friendly and experienced staff who are there to help and make it effortless to find and order your parts. We always endeavour to search for those harder to find parts and we are always available to answer your questions and queries. We are dedicated to keeping these unique cars on the road and our customers as our friends.

The Workshops

We have large workshop facilities, all work is carried out on site by our small specialist team. One workshop is specifically for metal work which is crammed with specialist metal working equipment including an old English Wheel and Pullmax mechanical hammer and numerous other tools which all help in the fabrication of parts which are not available. All aspects of bodywork, paint preparation, and paint work are all under taken here. We have full spray booth facilities on site.

The second workshop is used for all mechanical and engine work and this is where the final assembly for all restoration projects takes place.

Parts Stores

We hold over 5000 parts in stock for 356,911,912 and 914, So we have to be organised in where everything is kept. All parts are stored in categories relating to model and application. This makes finding stock for orders easy. The stores are forever expanding due to the new parts coming on to the market and demand.

We also have a number of store’s for all our good used parts, this is a little like Aladdin’s cave.

The Office

This is the heart of the parts department where all the orders are taken by telephone, fax, and e-mail.

We have a large database which is linked to numerous suppliers worldwide so we can cross reference any part numbers and search for those harder to find parts. This allows orders to be processed quickly.

All orders are packed safely and shipped from here. We also exhibit some of the more specialist parts we have in stock, which makes an interesting display for visiting customers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maintain our professional and friendly service to all our customers world wide.

We hope to achieve this by endeavouring to make the service we offer to all our customers the best service that is available in both Restoration and Parts sales.

We have worked very hard to keep our work and techniques as close to how Porsche original did it when these cars were first built by hand. We aim to keep true to the original but also use the new to preserve these cars for a lot longer.

We will offer you the most competitive prices. With a new comprehensive parts catalogue available on line. We aim to inform you of all the New and the Latest parts and services as soon as they become available.

We endeavour to constantly increase the amount of parts we hold in stock which will make us more able to get your required parts to you sooner using a quick and hassle free, delivery service.

We hope that with our combined extensive knowledge and experience from working on and with these cars for over 25 years and knowing a lot of you very well we are well in the way to fulfilling our Goals here at Roger Bray Restoration.